OKCoin provides solutions for some frequently encountered problems. Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact us via QQ group: 334662836. email:[email protected], We will provide technical support at soonest possible time.

1. How to know whether connection is lost or not?
OKCoin provides heartbeat verification process. Clients send: {'event':'ping'}, the server returns heartbeats {"event":"pong"} to indicate connection between the clients and the server. If the clients stop receiving the heartbeats, then they will need to reconnect with the server.

2. How to request data from OKCoin International and OKCoin China?
OKCoin China API: wss://real.okcoin.cn:10440/websocket/okcoinapi
OKCoin International API: wss://real.okcoin.com:10440/websocket/okcoinapi

3. How to tell data is from OKCoin International or OKCoin China?
OKCoin China parameter name contains 'cny', such as: ok_btccny_ticker
OKCoin International parameter name contains 'usd', such as: ok_btcusd_ticker



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