FIX Server Address


Request Process Instruction

OKCoin uses the standard header and trailer structure for all messages and enforces tag order in the header and the trailer but does not enforce tag order in the message body(except in repeating groups, which is required by FIX).

FIX Credentials

49 —— SenderCompID user defined client name(e.g. generated using UUID)
56 —— TargetCompID constant value: OKSERVER
553 —— API authenticated 'apiKey'
554 —— API authenticated 'secretKey'

Note: SenderCompID<49> should be a sufficiently long random string(e.g. UUID) that cannot be trivially guessed by third parties. Both parties are required to use SSL-encrypted sockets.

Customized Tags
Tag Name Required Description
8000 AccReqID Yes Unique identifier of client request(Z1000)
8001 Balance Yes Available fund(excluding frozen fund)
Customized Messages
Tag Name Description
Z1000 AccountInfoRequest used for client request
Z1001 AccountInfoResponse used for OKCoin to send user info
E1000 ExceptionResponseMessage used for OKCoin to return exceptions


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客服+852 5808 5768
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