Call Mode

OkCoin provides 3 different methods for our users to call our API interface. Developers can adjust based on their own preference to inquire the market, conduct trading and to withdraw funds.

REST , a.k.a Respresntational State Transfer, is one of the most common web services protocol. REST emphasis on its readability, standardization, interoperabilty and scalability.Advantages:

  • Each URL respresented one web resources in RESTful architecture;
  • Act as a representation of resources between client and server;
  • Client-end is enabled to operate server-side resources with 4 HTTP requests - representational state transfer.

We recommend developers to use REST API to proceed spot trading and withdrawals.

WebSocket protocol is a new HTML5 protocol, which provides full-duplex communication between web browsers and web servers. Connection can be established after one handshake. Web server can then push business logic data to web browsers.Advantages:

  • Request header is small in size (around 2 bytes) during communication
  • Web servers and clients can send data bi-directionaly
  • Since there is no need to create and delete TCP connection repeatedly, it saves resources

We strongly recommend developers to use Websocket API to access market related information and trading depth.

OKCoin provides FIX API to enable user fast data access and trading through real time connection. The Financial Information eXchange(FIX) Protocol is a series of messaging specifications for the electronic communication of financial data, including trade-related massages. It is a globally accepted standard of messaging specifications developed through the collaboration of banks, brokers, exchanges, institutional investors and information technology providers from around the world.

OKCoin supports a minimal subset of the FIX protocol version 4.4. All tags required by FIX 4.4 are required by OKCoin. Optional tags are not required (and are often left out) in order to create the lowest common denominator in terms of functionality. However, a few optional tags have been made mandatory in order to facilitate better information flow. If an optional tag does not appear in a message definition, it is safe to assume that it is ignored by OKCoin. A list of custom tags and message specific can be found in

Furthermore, if user has any previous development experience of financial nature, the FIX API can also apply.



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