Were Hiring!
Dedicated Coverage
Designated Account Manager
Accelerated onboarding & customer support
Priority API & technical troubleshooting
Fast Withdrawals & Deposits
Wire pre-crediting up to $100,000 2
Guaranteed wire processing in 90 minutes 3
Silvergate SEN & Signature Signet access 4
Exclusive Benefits
Connect to our partner network 5
Attend exclusive events
Direct access to product team

Tier 2 or above (US$100,000+ trading volume over last 30 days)


Proof of similar activity on another exchange

Questions? Contact us anytime at [email protected]
Fine Print
  1. First-time Premier Clients can contact their Account Manager to have their trading fees reduced to our lowest published rates.

    This offer will expire if not claimed within 90 days of attaining Premier status.

  2. Wire pre-crediting requires submitting proof of a completed wire to your Account Manager.

    Upon verification, OKCoin will credit your account the entire wire amount, up to $100,000.

    Your account will be unable to make any fiat or crypto withdrawals until OKCoin receives wire receipt confirmation from our bank.

  3. Guaranteed wire processing within 90 minutes applies when the applicable bank is open and available for business.

    OKCoin will credit your account US$1,000 if we are unable to process your wire within 90 minutes. Premier clients are eligible for a one-time credit once a month.

    Any delays as a result of issues outside our control will void this benefit. Please contact your Account Manager if you have any questions or wish to file a claim.

  4. To be eligible for this benefit, you are required to maintain an eligible account at Silvergate Bank or Signature Bank.
  5. We would be happy to connect you to our banking partners, token projects, investors, and other blockchain businesses.
  6. Depending on your jurisdiction, certain benefits may not be available to you.
  7. OKCoin has full discretion on determining your eligibility for OKCoin Premier Client status and reserves the right of final interpretation for the benefits provided to OKCoin Premier Clients.
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