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• General:

◦ Does OKCoin sell Bitcoin?
▪ No. OKCoin is an exchange platform operator that provides a service matching buyers and sellers of Bitcoin allowing them to transact. OKCoin does not participate in the buying and selling of Bitcoin itself.

• Fees:
◦ What fees does charge?
◦ Deposit:
▪ Bitcoin/Litecoin: 0 fees
▪ Perfect Money: 3% + the fee charge by Perfect Money
▪ This is temporary, please bare with us as we add more convenient and cheaper options to fund your account with.
◦ Withdrawal:
▪ Bitcoin/Litecoin: 0 fees
▪ USD: Minimum fee of $15, 0.1% plus whatever fees charged by the bank and/or processing party.
▪ What is a “miners fee”
▪ A “miners fee” is a fee paid to those who confirm transactions on the blockchain (the "miners”) thereby securing the Bitcoin network. The current recommended fee is .0001 BTC, however,you can include a fee as large(faster confirmation) or as small (slower confirmation) as you wish.
◦ Trade:
▪ USD: .1-.2% trading fees
▪ P2P Lending
▪ USD Borrowing: 0 fees
▪ USD Lending: 20% of total interest
▪ Algorithmic Trading
▪ USD: 0.1%-0.2%

• Support Center:
◦ Getting help:

▪ What are the customer support hours of OKCoin?
▪ Our customer support can be reached 24/7. We’re always here.
▪ How can I contact OKCoin?
▪ Twitter: @OKCoinBTC
▪ Skype: OKCoinsupport
▪ Facebook: OKCoinBTC
▪ Reddit: /u/okcoinsupport
▪ Email: [email protected]

▪ What languages does OKCoin support?
▪ We currently support English, Chinese, and Cantonese.

• Using OKCoin
◦ What do I need to register onOKCoin
▪ An email address is all you need to register on OKCoin. However, you will not be allowed to deposit funds until your become a verified user.

◦ How do I get verified onOKCoin?
▪ There are levels of verification on OKCoin with different requirements.
▪ If you will only be depositing and withdrawing BTC/LTC we only need an email address, name, country and phone number.
▪ If you will be depositing and withdrawing fiat, you will need to provide your email address, phone number, and the photo of your passport, as well as proof of residential address (e.g. a utility bill or bank statement)

◦ How do I deposit to OKCoin
▪ Fiat

▪ Can I use a credit card?
▪ Unfortunately for the time being, no.
▪ For the time being we only accept Perfect Money. More options will be available within the coming weeks.

▪ What currencies do you support?
▪ We currently only accept deposits from PerfectMoney, but we hold USD or CNY for our order books.
▪ Go to the home page and select “Deposit BTC” or “Deposit LTC”, this will take you to a page displaying your BTC/LTC address as well as a QRcode.
◦ How long does it take for my deposit to arrive?
▪ BTC/LTC: One confirmation on the block chain, which usually takes around 10 minutes.
▪ USD: 3-5 days

◦ How do I withdraw from OKCoin?
▪ BTC/LTC: First go to the Buy/Sell Tab,then under account select Withdrawal —> BTC Withdrawal,then select AddressManagement,which will allows you to create/select your withdrawal address.
▪ USD: To withdraw USD you must use PerfectMoney for the time being.

◦ How long does it take for my withdrawal to complete?
▪ USD:1-12 hours
▪ BTC/LTC requires one confirmation on the block chain, so usually around 10 minutes.

◦ What is the minimum withdrawal?
▪ .01 BTC
▪ .1 LTC
▪ USD: no minimum, but there is a minimum fee of $15

◦ How do I buy Bitcoin on OKCoin
▪ To buy Bitcoin go to the Buy/Sell Tab,choose your preferred buying method, enter how much you would like to purchase and click the Buy button, it’s that simple.

◦ How do I sell Bitcoin on OKCoin
▪ To sell Bitcoin go to the Buy/Sell Tab, choose your preferred selling method,and click the sell button, it’s that simple.

◦ What are the minimum trades?
▪ 0.01BTC and 0 .1LTC

• Trading Tools and Features
◦ What are Algorithmic trading tools?
▪ For an explanation of our algorithmic trading tools please go here

◦ What is Coin Fund?
▪ OKCoin has created two new funds customers can deposit into and yield interest in return for providing liquidity.

• OKStandard Fund: Insured deposits, open to every user, no minimum loan size.

• OK VIP Fund: Only open to users who have signed a contract acknowledging the risk they are undertaking, non-insured, minimum of 1000 BTCloans. 

◦ Can I short Bitcoin on OKCoin?

• OKCoin APP

◦ How do I use the OkCoin App
▪ Here is a video tutorial
• How do I use the OKCoinTradeStation?
◦ The English—as well as mac—version will be coming out soon.

• How do I use OKCoin’s API
◦ What is an API?
▪ An API is an Application Program Interface. In layman terms, it allows two applications to communicate with each other.

◦ What do I use the API for?
▪ Our API can be used to get a price feed from our exchange as well as to execute trades using your own program.

• Security
◦ Do you use cold-storage?
▪ Yes. The vast majority of our funds are kept in a cold storage wallet that has—and will—never be connected to the Internet.

◦ What security measures do you take?
▪ Need more
▪ GSLB and distributed servers: multi-server load balancing to ensure stable trading
▪ Bank-grade SSL secure connection with 128 bit encryption.

◦ Have you ever had an audit for proof-of-reserves?
▪ No. However we are currently in the process of finding someone to audit our reserves.

• Account
◦ How do I change my password?
▪ Click on the little gear-cog icon in the top right hand corner, this will take you to your account settings. Under the security tab you will see a“modify” next to Login Password. Click this and follow the instructions to change your password.

◦ I lost my password, how can I reset it?
▪ If you lose your login password,click the “Forgot Password” button and a new password will be emailed to the email address you used to sign up.
▪ If you lose your admin password,go to “Settings” —> ”Security”and click Forgot in the Admin Password field. This will send an email to the email address you used to sign up and providing an email to reset your Admin Password.

◦ What is 2fa? How Do I use it?
▪ 2fa, or Two Factor Authentication is a security feature providing an extra of security in case your account is compromised. By enabling 2fa,one will have provide a code either sent to you via SMS from OKCoin or a codeprovided by Google Authenticator to perform certain actions such as trading,withdrawing funds, or modifying security settings. To enable 2fa please go to “Settings” —> Security and choose the method of 2fa you would like(Google Authenticator or SMS) and follow the instructions provided.

◦ What is the difference between an account and admin password?
▪ Your admin password allows for an extra of security. Major changes to account information,such as phone number, email, or password requires an administrator password. Logging in only requires your account password. You can choose to require the input of the administrator password fortrading as well.
◦ Why are my funds frozen?
▪ You may have orders that have not been fulfilled. If this is not thecase please contact customer support.
◦ How do I change my phone number?
▪ Have someone with a ed phone show you

• Charts
◦ What do these charts mean?
Question not here? Please send us an email at [email protected]



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