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OKCoin Google Authenticator Instruction

OKCoin_小泉 published on OKCoin Announcements Announcements 2017-02-28 17:26 2065

Brief Introduction of the Google Authenticator:

Available on Android phones, iPhone and Blackberry, Google Authenticator
is capable of generating verification code even without the internet connection,
mobile service and data package. We kindly suggest you to turn on 2FA to
protect your account safety.

The usage of 2FA will further safeguard your Google account, because you have to input both your password and 2FA when you log in.

Note: Please kindly check and make sure the time in your phone is synchronous with that of your computer. If not, please update the time in your phone and restart the phone.

Here we go---

Step 1, Download and install Google Authenticator in your phone: (1) Search
Google Authenticator in your App Store or (2) Search that in your browser or (3)
you can directly add this application by clicking “Add Device” from your
computer to your phone if your computer and phone are interconnected.

Step 2, After the successful installment, please click “Account Settings-Scan
Bar Code” to scan the QR code, which will appear after you click
‘Modify-Details’ in Google Auth of 2FA of our website. At this occasion, Google
Authenticator in your phone will generate a six-digit dynamic password
corresponding with your OKCoin account and this password will change once
per 30 seconds. Later, whenever you input Google Authenticator, regardless of
the internet connection, you can always use this identification authenticator and
fill in the valid digits in the allowed time. Therefore, this will provide the
double-guarantee for the safety of your account.

Question: What if I delete Google Authenticator by mistake?

A: If you bound SMS Verification, you can find the dynamic code by
checking the secret key even though you have mistakenly deleted Google
. You just need to install Google Authenticator again and click
“Check Secret Key” under the notification of Google Authenticator, input the
correct SMS verification and then there will be a new QR code. All you need to
do next is to scan and Google Authenticator will function well again.

B: If you didn’t bind SMS Verification, you can only seek the help from
OKCoin Customer Service, tell them your registered phone number or email
address and cooperate with them to go through the identification verification
After that, they will help you to remove Google Authenticator so that you can
download and install a new Google Authenticator. If you had a large amount of
money in your account, you might be told that your account would be frozen for
three days, which also aims to guarantee your account safety. Please understand



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