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OKEx Disclosure of Limit Rules

管理员_小英 published on OKCoin Announcements Announcements 2017-07-03 18:30 1221
Dear OKEx user,

We have received a lot of inbound requests from our users asking for clarification on OKEx contract pricing limits and rules which are disclosed as follows:

Putting in place thresholds limiting maximum price gaps is a means to protect investors and ensure that unexpected behavior do not affect a contract’s price to irresponsible valuations based on potentially manipulative actions. In the absence of a limit rule, a small number of traders can deploy a relatively small amount of funds on high leverage to generate large scale pricing disruptions. At the same time, if the limit rules are too simple or restricting, it will lead to a lack of vibrance on the market and no differential to the spot pricing - eliminating the point of futures contracts itself. In order to best balance these considerations, the exact rules on our limits are not fully disclosed. OKEx will take into consideration market trading volume, open interest, deviation from the index price among more than a dozen parameters for a dynamic determination. In order to best help users who wish to have a clear understanding of the limits for better trading, the outer bounds are as follows: When opening a position, the maximum amount of price differential from the contract index price is set to plus or minus 20%. Under normal circumstances, when taking into effect other parameters, the reality is the specific limit will be less than 20%. In order to facilitate users to unwind, open positions are not subject to the plus or minus 20% limit, but may be subject to other restrictions.

Thank you for your support for our platform. OKEx will continue to innovate in order to provide an ever improving product and service to all our customers.

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July 3, 2017


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