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Term of service

Moderator published on OKCoin Announcements Announcements 2014-07-23 01:46 83927
All services and operations are provided by OKCoin exchange belonging to (hereinafte referred to as OKCoin ). OKCoin International's headquarters are situated in Hong Kong, services only Non-Chinese customers. Chinese customers please visit OKCoin China.Chinese users who violate this Terms of Service and continue to use OKCoin International will be responsible for all potential consequences. OKCoin does not assume any liability as a result of the violation nor provide any compensation.

OKCoin’s User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as This Agreement) specifies the rights and obligations of OKCoin’s services which have been agreed on by both of OKCoin and its users. By using our site users agree to the terms and conditions of OKCoin. According to This Agreement, OKCoin--acting as the operator of the OKCoin website ( will provide users with the relevant services. Users who do not agree to This Agreements are forbidden from using the OKCoin website.

OKCoin has right to revise This Agreement at any time. Upon any modification to This Agreement, OKCoin will update this page, so users can read the updated agreement at any time.

1. Contents in service

(1) OKCoin will provide a service allowing users a place online to buy/sell/trade Bitcoin and Litecoin.

(2) Users must independently provide the following equipment: A. Network equipment, including but not limited to a computer and/or other internet capable device,a modem or other device which enables internet connection. B. The upkeep of these devices, including cost of internet connection services、rent of network equipment、 mobile phone data, etc.

(3) The user agrees to provide:
A. Legal, accurate and detailed verification materials;
B. Updating the user information immediately in the case of modification. In the case of illegal, fraudulent, and/or fabricated verification material, OKCoin maintains the right to deny said users any and all services.

2. Provided services、revisions and ceasing services.

(1) By agreeing to OKCoin’s TOS, users agree to accept notifications of any kind from OKCoin . Users authorize OKCoin to send email, SMS, or letters to the addresses provided. Users have the right to opt out of this service and can do so by changing their settings on

(2) OKCoin reserves the right to revise and/or discontinue service without informing users. Users who are not satisfied with, or have doubts about, the revision of This Agreement may exercise the following rights:
A. Stop using OKCoin’ s services.
B. Inform OKCoin customer support that you wish to cease using OKCoin services. Once informed, all rights provided to OKCoin users will no longer be applicable. Under these circumstances, OKCoin is under no obligation to send any pending and/or completed information or provide services to said users.

3. Privacy agreement.

(1) User’s
information in This Agreements are conforming to laws and regulations, and are in accordance with the following information:
A. Information provided by users when registering on OKCoin or applying for OKCoin VIP services;
B. When using OKCoin services,trading on OKCoin or visiting OKCoin’s website, OKCoin will automatically record the data produced by users’ browsers and/or mobile phones, including but not limited to IP address,websites’ cookies and the web log of pages which users are requesting to visit;
C. Legally acquired personal information from OKCoin’s business partners.
D. Other user information acquired through legal means.

2. OKCoin’s obligations:Outside of legal reasons or user granted permission, OKCoin OKCoin network will not disclose a user′s password, name, or phone number to any third party.

3. Under the following circumstances, all or part of users’ information may be disclosed:
(1) OKCoin has been given permission by the user to disclose information to third parties.
(2) In accordance with relevant laws, regulations, or administrative agency requirements, OKCoin may disclose user information to the corresponding administrative, judicial or other legal third party(s);
(3) OKCoin acting in accordance with the relevant provisions of other laws, regulations, etc

4. Users’ Rights

(1). Safekeeping of username and password.
A. User has the right to choose to become a member of, those who choose to become member have the right to create and revise their nickname. Nicknames should conform to the relevant laws and regulations, and be respecting of others. Nicknames should not have any insults,threats,salacious words or those damaging to other legal persons.

B. Once users have successfully registered and are a member of OKCoin, they are responsible for all activity and events while logged in to OKCoin accounts registered under their username and password. Users accept all responsibility for their posts and actions as well as all legal violations committed.

C. Users are obligated and responsible for the safe keeping of their OKCoin account number,username and password,mobile phone authentication codes and Google Authenticator codes. Any legal consequences caused by users disclosing usernames, passwords, and Google Authenticator codes are to bear their own consequences.
We are not responsible for any damage owing to users’ disclosure. Due to OKCoin being a trading platform, the login,withdrawal,and admin password;SMS codes、Google Authenticator codes should not be the same, the users undertake responsibility of all relevant consequences arising from using weak or repeat passwords.

D. Users who have lost their password can revise it by using their registered email; there the original password, bound to their phone number, can be found. Users agree to inform OKCoin upon finding any illegal or unusual use of their username and password, as well as any security
flaws found.

E. OKCoin will never ask for a user’s password, or instruct users to deposit to any bank account and/or BTC/LTC addresses which do not belong to OKCoin. Please do not believe any advertisement or persons stating discounts or favorable treatment; we are not responsible for any damage resulting from such actions.

(2) OKCoin provisions dictate that users who complete certain tasks—as outlined in our rewards point section, maintain the right to get an award of OKCoin Reward points.

(3) Users maintain the right to revise any information of their profile, and choose their own nickname and introduction text, as well as the option forego providing non-required information.

(4) Users have right to participate in the OKCoin forum and express views that do not violate OKCoin or Government regulations and policies.

(5) Users have right to get the reward( such like credit、badge) according to regulations of OKCoin .

(6) Users have right to join the online or offline activity held by OKCoin .

(7) Users have right to enjoy any other services provided by OKCoin according to the relevant regulations of OKCoin .

5. Obligations of user
(1) Do not damage nation’s safe and disclose confidential, do not encroach on national social community and citizen’s legally rights, do not use OKCoin to make、copy and communicate the following informations:
A. Incited resistance and damage constitution and laws, implement of administration regulations;

B. Incited to subvert the state power and overthrow social democracy;

C. Incited to splitting motherland and undermining nation unity;

D. Incited racial hatred、ethnic discrimination and undermining ethnic solidarity;
E. Fabrication or distorting facts、spreading rumors and disturbing social order;

F. Announced feudal and superstition、salacious、pornographic、gamble、violence、murder、terror and incitement to law-breaking;

G. Blatant insulting peoples or distorting facts;

H. Damage the nation’s republic reputation;

I. Others broke the laws and regulations and constitution;

J. On business advertising action;

(2) Users should not doing abusive registration on OKCoin , including but not only profit-making、hyped-up、cash and take award, etc. Users do not embezzle other users’account number. if any of the above terms are broke, OKCoin have right to take not only every necessary step, but also delete users’ announced contents, cancel the star-level 、regulation and virtual assets which they had obtained on OKCoin , stop and close down the username, and cancel the illegally action of profit until OKCoin through forms of lawsuit to persue legal responsibility.

(3) no put OKCoin as any forms of illegal activities ‘s places、exchange or media. Without authorization or permission, users should not borrow OKCoin ’s name to doing any business event, and should not let OKCoin become business activity’s places、exchange and media in any forms.
If the above terms are broken, OKCoin are not only have right to take every necessary step, but also to delete users’announced contents, cancel the star-level、regulation and virtual assets which they had obtained on OKCoin 、have right to stop and close down the username and cancel the illegally action of profit until OKCoin thouth forms of lawsuit to persue legal responsibility. any informations users released on OKCoin should conform China’s relevant laws and regulations, social public order and good customs, and do not encroach on any 3rd part’s legal rithts, or users will undertake all of the legally consequences. besides, OKCoin have right to recover the compensation from users for the damage.

6. Refuse to warrant and disclaimer

(1)OKCoin as the NSP( Network Service Provider)’s 3rd part exchange, OKCoin won’t promise all of the informations and services on OKCoin could meet users’s meets. During the process of OKCoin ’s services, for the wrong、insult、do nothing、bawdry events, OKCoin do not undertake the legally responsibility.

(2)On basic of the characteristic of internet, no guarantee for breaking of services、timeliness and services security, OKCoin won’t take any legally responsibility.

OKCoin will try its best to let users invite with safe, but OKCoin won’t announced and promised that no virus or other potential factor in their server; so users need to choose popular software to test and kill virus in download s of OKCoin .

(3) OKCoin are not responsible for failure save、revise、 delete or storge users’ public informations. No responsibility for the wrong list and misspell. OKCoin have right but no obligation to improve and renew any oversight and error of exchange.

(4) Unless OKCoin clearly prescribed in written forms, any ways( including but not only pass、connect、download) of information took from OKCoin which including advertising but no limited are not guaranteed to its accuracy、integrity and reliability. Users undertake the risk.when they buying any product、services、informations and s for content of OKCoin.

(5) Users’comment on OKCoin are just on behalf of their own views, it doesn’t means that OKCoin is agree with them or affirm theirs represents, OKCoin won’t undertake any legally responsibility which caused by users’ comments.

(6) OKCoin
have right to delete all of illegal informations or against agreements without
informed users.

(7) OKCoin
will take formal steps to transfer information to user through letters inside station、email、customers calling or short message service. OKCoin is irresponsibility to any unformal informs for prize or favorable which are not from OKCoin.

(8)OKCoinhave right to adjust recharge、withdraw and trade fees rate,and have right to decide to stop its free promotion.

7. Applicable law and referee place
(1) Dispute and claim for rights caused by using OKCoin shall be governed by the laws of People’s Republic of China.

(2) Dispute between users and OKCoin should be solved through consult with principle of faith. If the consult do not works, the lawsuit should be happen on OKCoin ’s location.

8. Severability
If any of this agreement are regard as illegal、invalid or cannot be carry out by any reasons, such regulations will be regards as possessed severability, do not influenced any other terms’ legal effect.

9. Confliction of selection
This Agreements are very important legal s between OKCoin and its users, any different written or oral meanings between OKCoin and uers should be subject to This Agreements.

10. Taking effect and change of this agreement
Your use of OKCoin is deemed that you have read and accepted this Agreement.
1, OKCoin reserves the right to modify the terms of this Agreement when necessary. You can view the latest version of the terms of the agreement on the relevant service page.
2. If you continue to use the software or services provided by OKCoin after the terms of this Agreement have been changed, you are deemed to have accepted the amended Agreement. If you do not accept the amended agreement, you should stop using the software or services provided by OKCoin.

11. Change of service, interruption, termination
1, OKCoin may change the service content and/or may also interrupt, suspend or terminate the service.
2, At the time of transfer, OKCoin may transfer the relevant assets under this service to the third party; OKCoin may also transfer part or all of the services under this agreement to a third party to operate or fulfill after our unilateral notice. The specific transferee is subjected to OKCoin’s notice.
3. In any of the following circumstances, OKCoin reserves the right to discontinue or terminate the services provided to you without notice:
(1) if the personal information you have provided is not true, or inconsistent with the information at the time of registration and failed to provide reasonable proof (please remember, according to the laws or regulations you should submit the true information);
(2) if you violate the relevant laws and regulations or this agreement;
(3) if required by any provisions of the laws and regulations, as well as the requirements of the competent government authorities;
(4) if for security reasons or other necessary circumstances.
4, OKCoin has the right to charge any fees or outstanding due in accordance with this agreement. If you do not pay in full and on time, OKCoin reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate the service.


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