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OKCoin Security Response Center

Report any security vulnerability found on OKCoin and get rewarded for a successful report.

ETH Total Reward Distributed


You are welcome to report any vulnerability online via OKCoin’s Security Response Center. Please do not disclose the vulnerability until it is resolved. We promise that every report will be evaluated, followed up on, and responded to by a dedicated team. All white-hats who contribute to accepted reports will be rewarded.

See detailed rules

Risk Levels and Rewards

  • Asset Tier / ETH Bonus Serious High Medium Low
  • Core Asset(1.0) 10-20 5-10 2-5 1-2
  • Regular Asset(0.5) 5-10 2.5-5 1-2.5 0.5-1
  • Marginal Asset(0.2) 2-4 1-2 0.4-1 0.2-0.4

Safety First

OKCoin Security Response Center wishes to create a more secure and stable digital asset exchange together with all users and white-hats. We welcome everyone to report any vulnerability found on OKCoin website or app; this helps us to improve the security of our products and businesses. Our dedicated team will take immediate action to address the issue and inform you of the results.

We will also offer you digital asset rewards according to the risk level of your reported vulnerabilities as a gesture of appreciation.
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